Thursday, April 26, 2012

Motivations to learn English and strategies to achieve it

All the people in this world has something that motivates them to do something else since all of them needs something that encourages them to achieve what they want. If nothing motivates them, how are they going to achieve their goals, objectives, or dreams; in fact, without motivation nothing could be achieved. As all the people, I also have some things that motivate me to do other things, in this case learning English. There are three major reasons that encourage me to learn English.

First of all, I am very motivated to learn English very well because it will bring me several job opportunities in the future. Nowadays, to know English is one of the main prerequisites to get a job in almost all the workplaces in El Salvador and in the entire world since it is the lingua franca. To know English assures one that one will at least get one job if one have the desire to work, something that is not an option in our country. The possible jobs one can get are translator, interpreter, embassy or airport executive, call center assistant, and, for sure,  teacher. Undoubtedly, English is the opportunity not to be a loser in this life, and that motivates me to continue learning it every day.

Next, I am pretty motivated to learn English because I promised my father I would become a professional in the area of languages. My father was the first person who spoke to me in English when I was just a little boy, and he told me just some days before his death that his only desire was seeing me being a professional, obviously in the languages area. That really touched my heart because the things in English I knew at that time, I had learned them from him; therefore, I made a promise to him that he would see me as a professional in that area just in five years. Unfortunately, the promise couldn´t be accomplished because he died, but anyway, I know despite he is not anymore with me, he is still taking care of me from heaven; thus, I have to do my best. Undoubtedly, it has been difficult, but it is a promise and I have to accomplish it because in that way my father will be proud of me.

And finally, I want learn more about English because I have always liked it, and I find interesting and nice to know more than one language. I remember that at the age of six I already knew the numbers from zero to one hundred, and I achieved that just with my father´s help; that´s why, while I was growing up, my desire to overcome what I learned about English also was growing up with each passing day. But I also knew that if I wanted to improve my English I had to put into practice some strategies in order to learn the language in a less difficult way. I started by learning some words from the dictionary; that helped me, but it was not enough to fulfill my desire of knowing English. So I decided to study English as a major at the university, what I still currently do. Through that experience, I have learned a lot, but it is still not enough; that´s why, I decided to learn more vocabulary and expressions to speak as a native-like through reading novels, something I really like -- in English for sure—writing poems, since I like poetry, listening to just music in English, Christian music especially, and watching videos and movies in English without subtitles or with subtitles but in English. Even though, I am not an expert, I know that I have improoved my English, but I also know that learning English is a process that never finishes since we are life-long learners.

All the people have their own desires, goals, dreams, and objectives, as I wrote at the very beginning. And undoubtedly, to learn as much as I can about English is my goal now, and I will do everything that  I have to do and that helps me to reach that goal.

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