Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIGPA from a segment of one of my classes from my teaching practice

D- It was at around 3:30 pm on the last tuesday afternoon. I was explaining the rules of the genitive or possessive case to my students from seventh grade. At the very beginning it seemed that all of them had understood the rules, but then when I was CCQing to see if they had understood, nobody answered me until all of a sudden a girl raised her hand to ask me to explain agin one of the rules. After I explained that rule to her, other two boys asked me to explain again another rule. At last, evry time I had finished to explain a rule again to someone, there was another hand raised in signal that someone wanted me to explain again another rule. It was so disappointing for me because at first I thought that everyone had understood until the ice was broken and I realized that I was deadly wrong since nobody had understood anything at all.

I- One reason why the rules were not clearly understood might have been that when I was explaining them to the students, they were not paying attention to me and instead they were cross-talking about the test they were having after my class. Another reason why the explanation might have not been comprehended is that I was explaining the rules in a rush since I had to do other activities after that one. Or maybe the students didn´t understand the rules because I didn´t write them in a chart, and it made the students get confused while I was explaining.

G- I consider that explaining clearly the rules or usages is relevant for students to note the importance of a topic. For example, when the students don´t know the rules and/or usages of a specific topic, they get confused and sometimes frustrated and ask their classmates for help, and in that way momentum and class management, two things which are difficult to bring back, break. I do believe that through good explanations of the rules and/or usages of topics, the students learn and motivate to continue studying the topic; that’s why, the teacher has to focus enough  in that part, since from it depends if the students will learn or not.

PA- Next time that I do this activity or a similar one, I will write the rules or usages in a chart for my students to copy them and not to get confused while I am explaining them. I also will organize better my time not to explain the things in such a rush that my students don’t understand anything. And last but not least, I will ask my students if they have a test after my class. If they answer affirmatively, I will make a treat with them. It will consist on that if they pay attention to my whole class, I will give them some minutes at the end in order they study a bit more for the test. In that way we all will be winners.

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