Sunday, October 2, 2011

My TVYL experience

TVYL has been a totally new experience for me. I had never imagined myself teaching English to children in kindergarten. At first, I didn´t know what to do; I felt afraid of failing, for I knew that teaching to children would be difficult since they are very exigent- it is not the same as teaching to teenagers or adults. But then when my classmates performed their presentations about some important topics related to TVYL, I felt better because it helped me too much to know how to manage my class in a good way or how to prepare my classes and do them more interesting for my pupils, for example.

Another thing that complicated me at first was the fact that I didn’t know what to teach my students because I had to choose topics that they could understand easily; therefore, I created a list of topics that they are supposed to like as for example, colors, animals, fruits, professions, etc. Then I started with my crossing in the world of TVYL. I tried to apply as much as I learned about my own and my classmates´ presentations to see if it could help me as my classmates had said. To my surprise, the few things I had applied from the presentations worked wonderfully in my class, so I decided to follow every piece of advice I heard and I wrote about what my classmates said, and then I put into practice with my pupils.

Now I feel more confident about what I do in each class, and I also feel more prepared than before, for those pieces of advice I received helped me a lot. Now instead of being worried about what I am going to teach, I enjoy my classes together with my children. I love to be with my pupils – something that I not even thought could happen before- because they pay attention and put into practice everything they learned, and the reason why they like English now – before they hated- is that they enjoy what they do at the time they are learning.

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