Thursday, October 13, 2011


        Well, first of all, I want to highlight some things about the movie. I really enjoyed the movie; it was a fantastic story! I liked it so much! I am really surprised because of Mr. Cohen´s personality and character because despite his sickness, which was a very difficult one, he wasn’t a pessimistic person, but the opposite. He is a nice example of how teachers (and also many people) should be. I am so impressed about Mr. Cohen that I even created a list about all his virtues; in such a list, I placed the following values and characteristics he possesses: self confidence (not only at the moment of teaching, but in his whole life), positivism, courage, creativity, enthusiasm, patience, tolerance, comprehension, and some others.

         Another aspect that called my attention was the way Mr. Cohen taught to his students, for I noticed that he does loved what he did; he was passionate about his job, and I discovered it because he lived and enjoyed what he taught, what makes his teaching great. He believed that is ok to be oneself and that it is not bad to be different; that’s why, he taught to his students another very important value, respect, for everybody has to respect each other because all of us are special in this life. He showed his students that bullying and teasing others were bad things that people sometimes do but they shouldn’t do because nobody is perfect and also because anybody deserve to be treated in such a way, as he was treated in his childhood. We have to treat people as we want that they treat us.

          Now talking about my aspirations, at first I didn’t know what I wanted to become in my life, but now I´m more than sure about it, and one of the things that helped me to understand it was the fabulous story of Mr. Cohen, to whom most of the people considered a silly person without the capacity of succeeding in life, but he demonstrated that he was not and that he could achieve everything he would like as all the people do. This case inspired me to continue fighting in order to accomplish my goals and dreams; that ´s why, now I can say that what I want the most in this life is to become an excellent teacher who can help his students with his needs. I also want to add my two cents to create a better world by teaching my students about all the values that human beings should practice in order to live a better life, and finally I want to make history and that my students always remember me as one of the persons who contributed to do of their lives a good one.

        To finish I think that Mr. Cohen´s disease was not a handicap for him, but the key to make him believe in himself to achieve what he liked the most, to teach.  And that is for me the most valuable thing about the movie that we don’t have to let our handicaps or problems destroy our goals or dreams; we have to continue and if things aren’t as we wanted, we have to continue trying until we achieve them. We are not alone, for God is with us, and his Holy Word says that if we trust in Him, we can achieve every single thing we want.

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